Strategic Initiatives

Reginald Blount stands on his belief that effective communication is key to working with city council members and the Mayor's office.  Establishing cooperation with surrounding district leaders is also important because of the close proximity of district 10 to district 8, and 9 often share the same types of plans and issues affect these areas. We will operate on currently funded initiatives and push them through city council. Funded projects must be completed and not delayed, or lost in government red tape just because a new administration comes to power.  We will capitalize on available resources and historical data to create and incorporate the objectives and outcomes derived out of needs assessment, market analysis, data sources, and community interaction, as it relates to affordable housing, homelessness, public services, neighborhood improvement, education, and economic development. 


Public Safety

The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office is an important asset in creating real security measures that include community policing at the neighborhood level and provide badly needed advisory on training programs that equip police with civil affairs skill-sets that help maintain their personal safety while creating trust in the community.



The Implementation of a wide range of long-term infrastructure initiatives will modernize the district. The necessary data needed to calculate community needs has already been created.  We will review current data and update as needed to build and maintain critical areas such as roads, lighting, sewage, public services, and proposed partnerships with industry to create more opportunities in area beatification.  Balance the scales in financial management and resources to improve and bring district 10 schools to acceptable standards.  These plans support the Sherwood Forrest / Lincoln Villas Neighborhood Action Plan developed in 2006.  We will also concentrate on all areas in the southwestern portion of district 10. 


We will propose ideas to help increase funding to improve research and development regarding the education system in Duval County.  Our failing education system in District 10 cannot be correct solely by the School board.  We must work with community leaders and initiatives that truly have equity and Black student success at the core while maintaining the strength of successful schools within our district. 


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